Red Afie Stileyta {RAS}


08 June 2011

kata hati

if i could have just one wish , i would wish to wake up everyday , 
to the sound of your breath on my neck , the warmth of your lips on my cheeks , 
the touch of your fingers on my skin , 
and the feel of your heart beating with mine , 
knowing that i could never find the feeling , with anyone other than you.. 
Up in the skies , i wonder if you're there , i wonder if tonight you're thinking of me , 
i just want to tell you that looking at the stars makes me think of you , 
by looking at it i just want to be where you are , 
and hold you tight and never let you go!!
 Time may take us apart , that's true but i'll always be there for you , 
you're in my heart and always in my dreams , 
no matter the miles between. <3 !

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