Red Afie Stileyta {RAS}


22 December 2011

fine ! aku memang rindukan kau syg H-J-R

salam wbt syg ,
awak tahu tak yg saya rindukan awak ? 
mesti tak tahu kan . tapa, it's okay .
saya harap awak bahagia dgn cara hidup sekarang .
dah-dah , jgn toleh belakang lagi . 
just looking forward for ur own directions .
i'll always pray for your life and happiness . 
may Allah meet us again . 
i miss the moment when you kissed n hugged me !! 
it's really touch my feeling syg <3 
jyeah , i'm not perfect , but i'm tryin to be perfect like others .

everyday , everynight , every single time ,
i always wish you were here .... in deep of my hearts baby .
but its just my sweetdream . not like before this .
always 24/7 together .

## baby , by sentiasa cinta dan sygkan bby walaupun kita dah tak bersama dan berjauhan .
     i wish you were here, in deep of my hearts when i needed you so much syg ! 

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