Red Afie Stileyta {RAS}


22 July 2011

its all about us

cinta ? is da w0rd really means t0 evryone ? 
for da 1st tym when in skool i'm not trust any gurlz
n n0body can tke my heart away ~
sye bkn boy yg easy 'cair' ngan mne2 gurlz
bler tak lyan diorg they'll said i smbong lah .. poyo lah .. r u lesb & gay ?
ahah such an idiot thinking ! 

i luv to mke new fwenz but its not easy to mke new rlationship
once i'm hurted , its hard for me to fallin in luv anym0re 
i'm not demand but i want to ch0ose da ryte guy 
that can be with me until i die

its very hurt when person that we luv 
leave us with0ut reason
alone with mny questions that will nver found the answer
time is keep moving n never turn back
and let da past gone wastely
our st0ry also gone with da past 
and could nver return back dat memory
theres no m0re ur laugh . . ur jokes . .
to fill in my loneliness
there's a story about us
no matter sweet or s0ur
its a story that will never forget forever

yupp , maybe we're destined to be with wr0ng person at 1st
before u meet da ryte one
if u meet da ryte person finally , dun let him go
coz u will regret later
he's da ryte one for u ~
u could not live without him
ur soulmate .. ur partner until die ..
teman dunia dan akhirat :)

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