Red Afie Stileyta {RAS}


22 July 2011

to my all beloved

I missed the way you laugh,
I missed the way you would bend down when you want to speak to me "eye-to-eye" ,
I missed the way you cry when you listen to wordless piano solos,
I missed the way you would threaten to drink all of my coke if I wouldn't listen to what you're going to say,
I missed how you choose to ignore what people say to you,and how you would tell me to do the same..I still don't know how to do that,you know..but at least those times I had you to tell me not to listen,to just be true to myself..Now,even when I don't have you by my side,I can hear you in my heart, your tinkling laugh, your groans of disappointment, your favourite Moonlight Sonata..

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